CEOs and directors who have given little thought to how cyber crime can impact them personally are gambling with their future


As a CEO or director you are likely better prepared for economic downfalls and new competitors encroaching on your company’s market share than you are for the threat that is most likely to destroy your career, the lifestyle you have become accustomed to and the personal reputation you have spent your lifetime building.

That threat is cyber crime.

threats from market crashes
threats from competitors

Here are four questions you need to know the answers to:

#1 What is cyber crime?

Despite all the complexity, cyber crime is actually a simple concept and can be described as a crime aided by computer technology committed by humans against other humans. Every cyber crime whether it be malware, ransomware, phishing, cyber bullying, paedophilia, or cyber terrorism fits within this definition. Ironically, we place so much emphasis on the technology aspect which is merely the weapon. Imagine if we placed all of the emphasis on a gun that was used in a bank robbery without thinking about the humans holding he guns and those the guns were pointed at?

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#2 Why should I be concerned?

How much would you pay for a cup of coffee? The average cost is $3.50. Imagine paying $210 for that very same cup of coffee? Ridiculous, right? That’s what you’d be paying just 12 years from now if inflation increased at the rate of cyber crime. Cyber crime is now a pandemic and is best thought of as the cancer of the digital age. It continues to spiral out of control even though your company is spending more money on the problem each year. Clearly, you are not getting a return on that investment.

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#3 How will it impact me, personally?

Beyond the highly visible operational impacts of cyber crime are the financial and reputational impacts. Brand damage is inevitable, but for those companies that have ample cashflow and persevere, recovery is possible. The greatest impact from which you likely won’t recover, as evidenced by CEOs and directors in recent times, will be on your career, the lifestyle you have become accustomed to and the personal reputation you have spent your lifetime building.

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#4 Isn’t my cyber security team on top of it?

The former CEOs of Target, Sony Pictures, Ashley Madison, TalkTalk, Equifax and Yahoo thought their cyber security teams were on top of cyber crime until their careers were abruptly ended by cyber breaches. Unless your cyber security team is demonstrating success via business metrics such as risk reduction, operational efficiency and ROI, cyber crime is not being addressed effectively and you have the most to lose when that inevitable cyber breach occurs.

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You may have been ignoring cyber crime, but it will not ignore you and all it will take is one serious cyber breach to destroy your personal reputation. Now is the best time to be thinking about whether the actions you take when that cyber breach occurs will position you with your shareholders, customers and employees as a leader or a loser.


You wouldn’t wait for your house to burn to the ground before buying home insurance.

You wouldn’t wait for a slight pain in the chest to become stage four cancer before seeking medical advice.

house fire
cancer sufferer

So why wait for a cyber breach before you think about the threat that is most likely to destroy your career, the lifestyle you have become accustomed to and the personal reputation you have spent your lifetime building?

As a CEO or director at the helm of a company, you need to be in control and that means you need insights into the problem cyber crime poses to your company as well as you personally. You then need to have an action plan that turns your company into the ultimate weapon against cyber crime.

With a five step journey we help you get those insights, develop an action plan, implement it and measure its effectiveness.

We reassure CEOs and directors their personal reputation can survive serious cyber breaches


Take the first step of your five step journey to a reassurance policy that protects the personal reputation you have spent your lifetime building

Step 1

Realizing the important concepts that you need to understand about cyber crime and its impacts on both you, and your organization.

Step 2

Analyzing the maturity of existing strategies and tactics used by your organisation to combat cyber crime and protect your personal reputation.

Step 3

Strategizing a battle plan tailored specifically for your organization to effectively combat cyber crime and protect your personal reputation.

Step 4

Materializing real defences against cyber crime through carefully planned strategy execution to protect your personal reputation.

Step 5

Maximizing your efforts to combat cyber crime ensuring strategy relevancy by continually assessing new threats and business opportunities.

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It goes without saying that being labelled as ignorant is bad enough, but it does not get any worse than being labelled as negligent. In this day and age the availability of low cost high quality information is so plentiful, that choosing to be ignorant is to be negligent. But what about cyber crime? There is a lot of freely available high quality information available about cyber crime, but it is often developed for technical audiences and little to nothing in language that CEOs or directors could comprehend.

That was, until now. Join our Advantage Program to get access to free high quality information in every day language you can understand and put to good use to protect your personal reputation from serious cyber breaches.

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family holiday
A train of thought sparked by the realisation the family holiday was over
What would life be like for my daughter when she reaches adulthood?

Our CEO, Andrew Bycroft, shares his unforgettable story that sparked the creation of the International Cyber Resilience Institute.

I was returning from a family trip to China in late 2012 with my wife and eldest daughter (and only daughter at that time) who was not quite two years of age. Upon stepping off the plane, it occurred to me that the holiday was over and the very next day I would be back to work. Like a bolt of lightning a disturbing thought entered my mind. What was the point? For the previous 18 years I had implemented technology solutions, designed technology solutions and even sold technology solutions to help protect some of the world's most prestigious companies from cyber crime. Despite all of this, cyber crime was still rising at an exponential rate. It really felt like I had wasted 18 years of my life. This was almost a depressing feeling, but it got worse. I looked down at my daughter as she was irritated because her sleep had been disturbed during the flight and a feeling of horror began to set in. What would the world be like when she reached adulthood if cyber crime was left to continue spiralling out of control?

Shortly afterward the customs agent inspected the passports and welcomed us home. There I was, together with my family on Australian soil. I felt patriotic and thankful for all the incredible talent over the years from fellow Australians who produced wonders like the blackbox flight recorder, ultrasound, electric drill, refrigerator and Wi-Fi. It occurred to me that Australian people have solved some of life's most challenging problems throughout time. Then the next bolt of lightning struck. I had all the components I needed to tackle one of life's current most daunting challenges. What if I was to find a real solution to the real pandemic that cyber crime had become?

The very next day I set to work researching the problem. Fast forward to late 2016 and several thousand conversations with people across hundreds of companies from the board of directors to the lowest level employees, I found myself staring at the very core of the problem that was enabling cyber crime to perpetuate.

The problem stems from the fact that for the last 25 years cyber crime defences have centered on technology and it has made technology a crutch. Technology was always meant to be an enabler, not a crutch, and the solution to the problem is to make technology the final part of the solution to cyber crime, not the first or only part of the solution. Prior to technology; culture, communications, process and roles and responsibilities all need to be addressed. Not doing so in the right way or right order will enable cyber crime to continue spiraling out of control.

When the solution must begin with shaping the right culture and end with fit for purpose technology, this means that the focus needs to be shifted away from IT, initially, and moved to the CEO and board of directors who not only have the most to lose from cyber crime (especially the CEO), but also have the ability to drive the culture necessary to make a difference.

Having used this culture driven strategy framework to work with hundreds of company directors and executives it quickly became clear that it replaced fear, uncertainty and doubt with peace of mind when their organisations suffer a cyber breach. Now it is time to spread this real solution to the real pandemic that cyber crime has become, throughout the globe, and what better way to do so than via the International Cyber Resilience Institute.

Together with business partner, Amy Gu as Marketing Director, the International Cyber Resilience Institute is your global authority on reassuring you .as a CEO or director, that your personal reputation really can survive serious cyber breaches.

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Our values

Openness - we are completely transparent and don’t hold back when it comes to sharing our very best wisdom and new ideas with you.
Adaptability - we strive to keep you armed and ready for new threats as times and events change.
Simplicity - we break down the complexities of cyber crime into everyday language so there is never any mystery; just actionable intelligence.
Caring - we pour our heart and soul into everything we do because we care about you and we care about those you serve. We are here to make a measurable difference.

Our mission

reassuring CEOs and directors their personal reputation can survive serious cyber breaches.

Our vision

creating and sustaining a future in which the impact of cyber crime is insignificant.


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